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Understand what drives audience engagement and grow your fanbase using AI.

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See your video through the eyes of your audience. The volume of digital content grows exponentially - to succeed one needs to understand what resonates with viewers. Youfirst uncovers the power moments of your video with targeting specifications for content optimization and trailer creation.

For Creators

Underperforming content has a toxic effect on your social media. Find out how will your video perform before posting it. You have a unique chance to optimize each video for audience engagement and emotional impact. Take a look at our sample results.

Youfirst helps you with

Video Optimization

Make the most of your video by optimizing it before the release

Fanbase Relationship

Create a unique relationship with your fans by watching videos with premium access

Kick-ass trailers

Increase traffic to your channel by creating kick-ass trailers for your videos

Better Deals

Go for better deals by astonishing your favorite brands with your data

  1. 1

    Upload your video to YouTube

    If you do not want to go public yet, mark video as unlisted. Views from the test will be included in your view count after going public.

  2. 2

    Paste the youtube link here and create a project

    We'll create an account for you so you can check the results easily.

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    Invite your fans to watch the video by sharing a youfirst gathering link on social media.

    Motivate your fans by exclusive access; views are limited to 200 per video.

  4. 4

    Check your project report
    (see sample report)

    Use selected power moments for trailers and online campaigns.

For Brands

Youfirst has a history in measuring spontaneous reactions in TV advertising. We believe our data are too unique to be kept under lid. We open it to be used in creating a more engaging digital content. Implement youfirst in your influencer marketing strategy to get the most out of your collaboration. Log in to see the the sample results.

Use Youfirst results to

Eliminate uncertainty

Finally no doubt, find which creator shoots the best video for you in a pretest

Increase ROI

by highlighting Power Moments of the video in display retargeting

Understand More

Understand how your target feels about your message by watching the video “through their eyes”

Get Great Influencer Relationships

Have a convenient discussion basis with your influencer - after all, what matters for both of you are the fans

  1. 1

    Make emotion pretesting a part of your online content strategy

  2. 2

    Talk to your Influencer about Emotion Pretesting early in the discussion

  3. 3

    Contact us for a qoute

    Enter your email below and we'll assign one of our specialists to you.

For Fans

Do you want to be among the first who get a sneak peak on a new video of your creator? Look for youfirst links shared by your favorite social media channels. Just by watching a video with your webcam enabled you help creators to make the best videos possible. Your facial expression are automatically analysed by a smart emotion AI software and translated anonymously into a data report for your creator. We follow the most strict EU Privacy Policy and your data is always safe with us.

With Youfirst you can

Have Exclusive Access

Be the first to see a new video of your favorite creator

Be the Advisor

Take part in creating great and engaging videos!

  1. 1

    Discover new video of your favorite influencer on social media.

    Look for youfirst links - they lead to exclusive content.

  2. 2

    Enable your webcam and pass the automatic calibration

    Tip: Make sure no light source is behind you.

  3. 3

    Watch exclusive videos while automatically providing feedback to your favorite Influencer.