How does youfirst work for you?

Unbiased emotion data are fueled by real fans’ reactions while they are watching a video. Here is how it works:

  • 1 Upload your video to YouTube.

    Tip: If you do not want to go public yet, mark video as unlisted. Views from the test will be included in your view count after going public.

  • 2 Paste this youtube link to youfirst and create a project

    Tip: Create an account to be able to check the results easily.

  • 3 Invite your fans to watch the video by sharing a youfirst gathering link on social media.

    Tip: Motivate your fans by exclusive access; views are limited to 200 per video.

  • 4 Check your project report (see sample report)

    Tip: Use selected power moments for trailers and online campaigns.

  • 1 Discover new video of your favorite influencer on social media.

    Tip: Look for youfirst links - they lead to exclusive content.

  • 2 Enable your webcam and pass the automatic calibration

    Tip: Make sure no light source is behind you.

  • 3 Watch exclusive videos while automatically providing feedback to your favorite Influencer.